Ways For Singles to Celebrate Valentine Day

It is understood that Valentine Day can be a difficult holiday for singles. It is a reminder of ones singleness front and center. There is now a new theme that has been developed called “Singles Awareness Day” the acronym is SAD. This is unacceptable! Why should awesome, incredible, brilliant women have such negative feelings about what should be an awesome fun day!! Have singles forgotten what it was like to be in a relationship? How disappointed it was to be in a relationship who did not deliver on Valentine Day? All of the commercialization in the world did not clue your partner that chocolates and flowers were appropriate. Hence, make this day a disaster?

Allowing the advertising industry to determine ones emotions is out of the question and only YOU can stop that! There is too much hype made on Valentine Day and it time we put a stop to it. Valentine Day should be fun and only you should determine how it will be spent. Here are a few ideas to make 2010 a memorably day. These are fun and extremely positive things to do which will have you feeling great on February 15th.

Do an Act of Service:

  • Go visit a sick friend at home or in the hospital – bring them flowers, balloons make their day!
  • Go to a shelter or nursing home and bring a rose to all the single ladies

Show A Loved One You Care:

  • Take a God-son or God-daughter to the movies, give them chocolates and balloons
  • Spend the day with grand-parent bring them flowers listen to their love stories (they love to tell)
  • Spend the day with a parent bring them a card and flowers show them you care
  • Spend the day with a sibling/friend/parent that is having a tough time in their relationship
  • Remember someone that you love that has been good to you and bring them flowers

Spend Time With Single Friends:

  • Initiate a Valentine Day themed brunch or dinner with a few single friends
  • Go ice-skating or build a snowman, with a good friend or a sibling
  • Plan a day out with other single friends make it an odd number like 3 or 5
  • Get a few friends together pop in a DVD and come up with your favorite jokes
  • Have a girls pajama party – wine, cheese, and fun!!

Pamper You:

  • Spend the day at a Spa – get a facial, massage, body wax etc.
  • Change your hair color or hair style (something fun and untraditional)
  • Make your favorite dinner – get your favorite DVD – and enjoy time with you!
  • Take a nice warm candle light bubble bath -disconnect phones for no interruptions
  • Read your favorite book

Keep a Positive Attitude:

  • Always think positive – remembering that to everything there is a season – your day will come to be in a healthy positive relationship!
  • Design a health plan to keep yourself youthful and fun
  • Become the good, positive, healthy, fun person that you want to attract in your life

Keep in mind the art of attraction – become what you want to attract!

  • Remember Valentine Day is only 24 hours out of 8766 hours in a year – before you know it – it is over and would have gone through it without an instant of depression!

Make it count! Have an AWESOME and Fun Valentine Day!