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Dating Advice for Men

Every man on this planet has surely experienced being rejected or being dumped one way or another. Some were even rejected without even getting a chance whatsoever. Some men deal with the rejection in a positive manner while some do not. How you deal with these unpleasant dating experiences defines who you are as a man and as an individual. There are things that you can do to jump back into the dating wagon and gain more positive results. The following tips will serve as a dating advice for men. These tips may or may not work for you but still you should give them a try. We all know how complex a woman’s mind is, which is why we need all the help we can get when it comes to the dating game.

For most of us who are a bit oblivious when it comes to attracting and approaching women, or dating for that matter, the following are basic dating tips that may help you get over that proverbial hurdle.

  • Stop focusing on the negatives and start taking advantage of the positives. There are always things that we do not like about ourselves; that is a fact. What you need to do is to stop worrying about those things and start focusing on the things that you feel confident about yourself. Women love men who are confident about themselves and are comfortable in their own skin.
  • Look presentable at all times. You need to show women that you know how to take care of yourself. The idea that women are attracted to guys who are rough on the edges is a myth that Hollywood has created. A man who can take care of himself, not just on the physical side but also on other aspects, displays an aura of dependability and that is what women are looking for in a man.
  • Do not look for your ideal woman in a single place. Find love anywhere you go. While you are searching for her in bars or other traditional singles spots, the love of your life might just be sitting right next to you on a bus or in the cubicle next to yours. The next time you visit your video rental shop, check out the woman holding a copy of your favorite movie of all time, she just might be it.
  • Do not be afraid to flirt with the opposite sex. If you can, flirt with your co-workers and lady friends, playfully of course. Developing a sense of humor is not rocket science. If you learn to interact with the opposite sex, then you will have no trouble asking a woman out on a date when that time comes.
  • Rescue a lady every chance you get. It does not have to be from a burning building or a sinking ship. There are others ways you can save the day like from an embarrassing situation or from another guy whom she obviously dislikes. The cat that gets rescued from a tree does not have to belong to a little girl or her grandma, for all we know the cat could belong to a fine lady who lives next door.

These tips are just some of the things you can apply in order to improve your dating life. There are a lot of dating advice for men out there. Just remember that the first step in dealing with any unpleasant situation is accepting that you need help; and believe me, we all need help when it comes to dealing with the fairer species.


Reasons Why Spontaneity Will Kill A Happy Marriage

The common relationship advice for women is that you need to have spontaneity in a marriage to keep it fun. Now, I’ve got nothing against spontaneity. However, there are times when it isn’t the most desirable thing. In fact, if you’re too spontaneous, this can actually make your man doubt you more as a wife and consider divorcing you, if not at definitely drifting away from you. Here are two reasons why spontaneity can kill a marriage and what you should do instead if you want to build it up.

1. Spontaneous Rebel

When you’re young and rebellious, all you want to do is be random and do what your heart desires. There’s nothing wrong with this. When you get married though, you do have more responsibilities to take care of.

Even if you don’t have children, you need to have a regular job to bring in the income and you need to be able to have enough money to pay the bills, etc. If you’re spontaneous and make big purchases randomly, your man isn’t going to be very pleased.

2. Bad Example For The Kids

If you do have children, they are your priority. You cannot change that. If you are constantly going out having fun and forgetting about raising your children, how would that their bringing up?

They need parental models to grow up and develop into decent members of society. If you’re going out all the time and being spontaneous, in general, you’re children aren’t going to benefit as much if you had a structured lifestyle.

3. The Solution?

So what can you do if you still want to go out and party and have those random weekend getaways with your man? You can still have all that. Having no spontaneity at all will also kill a marriage.

Just make sure that you know what your priorities are. Always put into consideration your children and make sure that all the other little operating costs of life are covered before you spend money on luxuries.

This relationship advice for women is practical and useful. Hopefully you can see how spontaneity can ruin a healthy relationship. There can be too much of a good thing and spontaneity is definitely one of those things. Balance it out with life, set your priorities straight and then your man will have more time to appreciate and love you on your random outings.


Toxic Relationship Killers

Down below is the kind of advice for relationships that we all can learn to live by.

1.> Being argumentative or Combative! This kind of attitude has got to go! This is deadly stuff and usually the toxic venom that is spewed forth from this kind of interaction will in the end kill the relationship deader than dead! If you love this person then act like it. Talk to them in a gentle nurturing way at ALL times! It is NOT difficult, but does require being aware of your actions any time a disagreement comes about! Be cool!

2.> Disrespectful and Belittling! Almost goes hand in hand. Some folks, just as a general way of being, insult, belittle and totally disrespect their partners, thoughts, ideas and actions. Now, I am a pretty understanding guy, but I have to ask, what in the hell is up with that? Here is some straight talk from Jeff… “Back Off Now!” The person who you “SAY” you love; hold them close and build them up, not tear them down!

3.> Corny, but true…Pobody’s Nerfect! Perfectionism with people should be outlawed! Perfect people on planet earth are no longer here! They vanished long ago, probably eaten by the dinosaurs! My point is, we are all flawed in some way. Sure, that should not give us a license to avoid self-improvement and personal growth. However, in terms of how we treat one another in a relationship stop expecting perfection. It ain’t going to happen, Jack!

4.> No Fanning the Flame! You probably asked, what flame? I am speaking about the flame of love. It still needs to be constantly fanned by actions and activities that convey how much you cherish and care for the other person. Many couples fail to do this because of falling into the “taking the other for granted trap.” Your ability to keep the spark alive can prevent wondering hearts and preserve your relationship for the long-term.

5.> Same Old-Same Old! Okay you know what that means, right? It means you have gotten into a groove with your love! Doing the same routine over and over again can be disastrous, especially if the same routine of coming home, eating dinner, watching TV, then going to bed for low or no sexual input, because you are tired is repeated. If you want to avoid this relationship killer, break from your rut and stay out of it! This means both of you!

This is very solid advice for relationships to grow by. However it requires that both parties open their eyes and see the reality of building a strong and lasting relationship.

As I always say, advice for relationships is only as good as your willingness to follow it through! I am hoping that your desire is to follow it through!


Tips to Building an Enduring Love

Are you wondering if there is any relationship advice for couples? I can categorically tell you that there is countless number of advices on this issue. Nevertheless you do need more advice now that you are married than before when you are dating and have not yet tied the knot.

Married couples are more prone to relationship hazards than the unmarried ones because they think they have fully understood each other and as such there is no need to find better ways of strengthening their relationship.

However, a strong and very healthy relationship can be the best support you will ever get in life because good relationship always improve all aspects of couples life together including their health and the way they connect and interact with other, it can be a big problem if the affair isn’t working and couples are not finding proven solutions to end it and rekindle their love.

This article will focus on 5 solid tips couples can use to give them everlasting joy. Firstly,there should be no communication gap, couples should be interested in what each other does, if as a couple you are insensitive to each other activities both in and outside the home, this can further damage the love being shared, intimacy should be seen as crucial and it is by getting involved with each other that these could be achieved.

Secondly couples need to know how to handle conflicts when it arises, this is an inevitable thing in relationship, so the ability of the couples to talk it over and come back together will make the difference as to whether their relationship as a couple will be sustained or not, conflict handling among couples through humiliation and self-degrading is not the best solution, issues must be resolved amicably among couples in peace and not in pieces.

Thirdly, in other to ensure a lasting relationship, couples should learn not to put pressure on each other as this will result to lack of confidence and trust which is very detrimental to the progress of the intimacy they shared.

Fourthly, communication is a key factor because virtually all other aspect of your relationship depends on it, lack of communication among couples does a lot of harm than good, and it drifts couples apart and if care is not taken can eventually lead to breakups.

Lastly, couples should learn to communicate well with soft languages that will build more interest and move the relationship forward.Expressing their needs, fears as well as desires helps build the bond and strengthening the trust among them.

Giving further explanation, it should be noted that it is important for couples to keep their physical intimacy alive in areas of sex and regular affectionate touch that sends good signal always.

In conclusion spending quality time together should be a normal routine among couples, this enables them to discuss what they share together, jobs, children or families should not be allowed to become a barrier to couples finding time for each other, if this is allowed to happen there is bound to be communication gap which in most cases lead to very problematic situation that could have been avoided in the first place, this is one of the topmost Relationship advice for couples that want to enjoy long and blissful love.


Relationship Advice For Women

Have your best girl friends given up on giving you relationship advice? Do you feel like you’ve wasted a lot of time and money on professional counseling to help you through your relationship problems? Have you ever felt like you’ve ran out of resources on what you should do with all your love troubles? Although the internet is a rich source of information on tips and relationship advice, not all that you will read on the web can actually apply to your situation. However, there is truth to the saying that all love stories are the essentially the same. And at the end of that proverbial day, the best relationship advice for women can be summarized into three big points. These are general reminders, so to speak. And no matter how great the disparity in women’s relationship woes, the following relationship advice could well serve as a universal solution.

Don’t let yourself go.

A lot of women build themselves up for relationships by dressing up pretty and upgrading themselves. They get themselves a makeover, make sure they’re visually attractive, and go through all the trouble of looking perfect in order to get a boyfriend. But thereafter comes the problem of complacency. A lot of women think that just because they’ve gotten their guy, it’s okay to stop looking good. Big mistake! You must never let yourself go. It is a common relationship advice for women to “keep your guy interested!” When a guy loses interest in you, it won’t be long until he goes out to find someone else he can be interested in. So be careful and take care of yourself.

Do not make your world revolve around your man.

Another big error that women commit in relationships is that they make their happiness depend on the guy. They cling to their relationship like it’s the only thing that will keep them breathing and living. Ladies, remember that before your relationship – you had a life. Your guy, your relationship, is just an addition to your life. It’s not something that you should lose yourself in. Do not make your world revolve around him and do not make your happiness depend on him. A lot of relationship advice for women are rooted in this idea. You have to find ways to make yourself happy outside that of your relationship.

Love yourself.

Perhaps the best relationship advice for women out there is to take care yourself and to love yourself, first and foremost. Oftentimes, you’d hear the question: if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect him to love you? This is quite true. Ladies, you must first learn to love and take care of yourself. You cannot expect your guy to treat you with respect and unconditional love if you yourself do not know how to value your own persona. No guy will marry a girl who cannot even take care of herself. Later in life, she will have to take care of her husband and their children. But before she can do that, she first has to show the world that she can take care of herself. Love yourself and the rest will follow.


Win Your Love Back

Win Your Love BackI believe it’s human nature to want to be in love, and stay in love, it’s a wonderful place to be. Unfortunately, relationships evolve and change; sooner or later they end. But what if we do not want to accept the timing of the end a relationship? Is it possible to get love back? Well, it is possible as long as you don’t make these common mistakes along the way.

The first mistake people often make is being too aggressive in trying to get their partner back. If you are too actively pursuing them, at best, you will be considered a nag and at worst, almost like a stalker. So don’t chase them all around.

A person who is trying to get their ex too aggressively actually comes off looking a little sad. An element of desperation creeps in, dignity and respect for both yourself and your partner is easily lost. There is a fine line between being assertive and making your desires known and stepping across the line and being scary, or wimp who is begging.

Put a little space in the relationship. Try spending just a little less time together for a while and more time on your own. This can help you find your perspective on what may be going wrong in the relationship. When we are very involved with another person, we sometimes lose track of how we really feel. Time spent alone, for both of you, is a good way to discover where your responsibility lies in the relationship problems.

Communication is important in all relationships. If you are upset about something and you are not telling the other person, then you are putting distance between you. This is a prescription for a disaster in any relationship, particularly if you are angry or hurt and you lash out indirectly at the other person. So be honest. Chances are the other person will understand and may even ease your concerns.

We hope those tips may help you out.